Preserves Open to Hunting

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This web map application highlights the natural lands that are being protected by the Lancaster County Conservancy (LCC). Since 1969, LCC has preserved over 5,300 acres of wild and natural lands, creating 45 nature preserves that are free and open to the public from sunrise to sunset, 365 days a year. Our conservation successes are only possible through a constellation of partnerships with funders, donors, researchers, and volunteers. Our lands afford opportunities for passive recreation including: hiking, walking, birding, wildflower viewing, hunting and more.

Land Management Practices: Habitat vs. Recreation Preserves

Our nature preserves are designated as either “habitat” or “recreation” nature preserves. These designations reflect our management approach and will also impact what you can expect to find (or not find) on our various preserves.

Habitat Preserves, while open to the public, are primarily managed to protect their ecological value. These areas provide excellent habitat for wildlife and afford opportunities for research and other activities. Most Habitat Preserves do not have trails, parking or other facilities and if you are interested in any of these activities, we recommend that you check out our recreation preserves.

Recreation preserves are managed to support passive recreational opportunities and are more likely to have hiking trails, public information kiosks, parking or other limited facilities. If you would like to find passive recreation opportunities, we recommend you search through our recreation-managed nature preserves to find one that fits what you’re looking for. Some of our preserves have scenic overlooks or are home to very unique geological or ecological features. Some of our preserves host portions of long distance hiking trails, including the Conestoga and Mason-Dixon trail systems, and offer other tough but rewarding hikes. Other preserves host easy hiking trails.

Using This Tool

To navigate around the web map, simply click on a point of interest or select a nature preserve in the list located on the right side of the screen. Information about that nature preserve, including a link to a map, directions and more can be found by clicking on the preserve.

The Lancaster County Conservancy has a list of Rules and Regulations which apply to all visitors to our preserves. To see a complete list, please visit: these are also posted on the nature preserves.


Hunting is allowed in designated areas. Click the “Hunting Information” box in the web app to learn more. Please be aware that during hunting season, the areas open to hunting can become popular and we recommend that you wear bright orange clothing for protection. All Pennsylvania Game Commission rules and regulations apply and are enforced. For more information about hunting in Pennsylvania, visit the PA Game Commission’s website:

Terms of Use

This information is provided to the public without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. The Lancaster County Conservancy makes this information available to assist members of the public in looking up information about our nature preserves. Users acknowledge that, while the Lancaster County Conservancy has no reason to believe the data herein contains inaccuracies or defects: 1) the Lancaster County Conservancy does not warrant the accuracy of the information contained here; 2) the information is subject to change and may not reflect the most accurate or up to date information as it exists; 3) this is based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) datasets from a variety of Federal, State, Local and other resources;

For Your Own Safety
It is your responsibility to plan for your safety on lands protected by the Lancaster County Conservancy. Always tell someone where you are going and go prepared with proper footwear, clothing, supply of water, snacks and a first aid kit. To prevent tick borne illness, always check for ticks after your visit.